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Café Vals is a small café-restaurant which started the first of July in 2015. The café is situated in the little village of Vals, just next to the museum. Since their first visit Lisa and Nicole Hamers loved this little village and especially the church which is half built into a rock. We have tried to base the style of our café on the church by integrating the fresco of the bull of Saint Luc on one of our walls. The two other paintings, decorating our walls, are based on these famous frescos of the church.

You can start your meal with a glass of Hypocras which is a local medieval aperitif based on wine. Further we have chosen for simple meals like plat du jour, salads and some local dishes like roasted camembert with honey. We also thought about tourists by proposing Fish & Chips for the English and meat croquets for the Dutch.

Vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. on request.

We serve drinks during the day, from Thursday to Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday closed), they can be accompanied by a piece of homemade pie, or ice coupes like the Dame Blanche, Coffee Liègeois, etc.

Continuing service from 10:00 until 17:00.
An evening meal is possible as well on condition of reservation 48 hours in advance.

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